Saturday, July 28, 2012

.iPhone 5 release date: New information shows iPhone 5 release will be a success.

Ten million units of the Samsung Galaxy S3 were sold 55 days after its launch. The result is impressive, but it turns out that according to recent surveys, the sixth generation iPhone should fight the score obtained by the Korean giant's flagship product without a problem.

The grand opening for the announcement of the release of the iPhone 5 is fast approaching. Networks amplify the rumors about the future of Apple's next iDevice. Many suggests that the iPhone will have a bigger screen. Others announce a wireless recharging or the presence of a 4G chip and a new port. Meanwhile, many agree the iPhone 5 release date will be 09/21/2012, but no one knows for sure, but Apple. In short, this is the usual excitement at the approach of a new product from Apple.

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