Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Guess for iPad3 Release Date

I must check the iPad3 rumor mill once a day. My wife wants an iPad. So I figured I would wait for the 3, which appears to be in production. So I wait.

My guess is March 10, 2012. Maybe by then Apple will actually say something.

This site I found today seems to have the best info on the matter so far.

See you in line!

Permanently Deleting Your Facebook Account

Permanently deleting your Facebook account:

Facebook offers an option for those who want their account deleted with no chance of recovery. This option is only accessible in this link, which is provided in the Facebook Help Center when you type “delete my account” in its search box.

Once you have opened the page of that link, you must click on the Submit button and then, on a pop up box, you must enter your account password and a captcha text. Once you are done with that, click Okay. Facebook will ask you to confirm the action, so you will have to click on an Okay button again.

Although your things will disappear from Facebook once you have done that, to finish the deletion process you will have to avoid logging in to your account during the next 14 days. After that period of time your information will be no longer available, never again.

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