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Before You Connect a New Computer to the Internet

National Cyber Awareness System:ST15-003: Before You Connect a New Computer to the Internet 12/15/2015 06:07 PM EST Original release date: December 15, 2015 | Last revised: October 29, 2018Why is computer security important? Because computers play such critical roles in our lives, and because we input and view so much personally identifiable information (PII) on them, it’s imperative to implement and maintain computer security. Strong computer security ensures safe processing and storage of our information.How can I improve my computer’s security? The following are important steps you should consider to make your computer more secure. While no individual step will eliminate all risk, when used together, these defense-in-depth practices will strengthen your computer’s security and help minimize threats.Secure your router. When you connect a computer to the internet, it’s also connected to millions of other computers—a connection that could allow attackers access to your computer. Alt…

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